Today we’ll introduce two of the myriad events that happen onboard while Peace Boat is at sea.


“Paper cutting” is one of the events held in the Free Space area. Participants gather with origami paper
and scissors to try their hand at this traditional art. This event is held for the international passengers to
get a glimpse of the Japanese culture.
“This reminds me of my childhood”, “I didn’t think it was so difficult” say some of the participants.
There are some wows for the nice pieces of work, and laughter for some of the work which turned out be
totally different from the model. It was a very interesting event with lots of laughter.



Another interesting onboard event is the bridge tour.
This is one of the rare occasions that passengers are allowed into the bridge. This opportunity to catch a
glimpse of the running of the ship makes this one of the most popular events through the voyage.



Participants curiously gaze into a radar that detects any suspicious ship around.



The highlight of the bridge tour is holding the ship’s wheel! Ships today are mostly navigated by
autopilot, however it feels special to take the helm while the ship is cruising, and makes us almost shout
out “Hard a starboard!”.
It is a very interesting opportunity to learn how the Ocean Dream, our home for 3 months, is navigated to
take us around the globe.