95th Highlights: What is “ethical” business? – Approaches of a corporate to value the earth and people

October 18th, 2017


Casey Lyon is a corporate manager that manufactures and distributes essential oils in Vermont State in USA and Somaliland in East Africa, and he gave lectures on business ethics. His company has developed a sustainable harvesting method to protect trees which are used as row materials. The company values transparency of the business, and their essential oils have organic certification as well.

“It is important to build direct relationships for establishing an ethical business. We visit the local producers, show our products, and try to tell what kind of products we want to make.” says Casey. “We have to think what the local community needs now, and what we can do for it. We have set up solar panels and are supplying clean water to schools in Somaliland. Ethical business is a business which takes social responsibilities”.

He also explains the importance of face-to-face relationships with the producers, and transparency and feedback of the business. His lectures make us think about how corporations should run their business that values both people and the earth, responsible production and consumption, and also how we work and how we should live.