[98th Cruise Report]A Day that Disappeared

Aug 13th

When we sailed around the world, we started in East Asia and moved west, until we returned back to Japan, which is in the eastern hemisphere. We moved our clocks back one hour (and forward a couple of times) each time when entered a new time zone. We had “time difference” events when we changed. After we left Seattle, when we passed the International Date Line, we lost almost an entire day.

On August 13th, we gathered together to cherish this disappearing day, August 14th. At midnight on August 13th, we set our clocks back to 11pm on August 14th, so we had an event for the hour-long day of August 14th. We tried to have an entire day’s events in one hour.

On the days we need to change the time, there is a card on the tables in the restaurants to remind us.

There were several events about time changes.

They used one hour to present what we do in a whole day. We had an English and Spanish lesson that only lasted a few minutes, and had only three minutes to apply for self-organized events.

The performance was very funny. People laughed until they cried!