[99th Cruise Report]Walking with Dr. Yuan and talking about Japan in English and Chinese


[Guest Educator(Mizuan*) : Mr.Yuan]
Mr. Yuan is an expert in both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. After working in China as a clinician, he also lived in Sendai in Japan for eight years. He shared various information about Japanese tourist attractions and culture with the international passengers travelling onboard the ship today, in Chinese and English languages. Using many photos, it really felt like we were actually travelling in Japan. We look forward to continuing to join Mr. Yuan’s following lectures, with his great and unique experience.


#What is a Mizuan? (Guest Educator, Literal Translation, Navigator)

Artists, journalists, musicians, writers, NGO activists, scholars and a variety of people from different backgrounds are invited onboard to act as ‘navigators’ for Peace Boat participants. These guest educators help bring us closer to the people and places we are visiting, and shed light on a broad range of issues in these areas.