[99th Cruise Report]Traveling around the world with a sushi pro! Lecture and live demonstration “Sushi in Japan and worldwide”


Tezuka Yoshi is a 4th generation sushi chef at “Matsunozushi”, a sushi house started in 1910 during the Meiji Era, and who now travels the world cooking and talking about sushi. As he explained “there’s a big difference between sushi in the olden days and now”, and he went on to demonstrate some of those differences. According to Tezuka, sushi used to be about the size of modern onigiri riceballs, and after eating customers would wash the hand used to eat sushi in green tea, then wipe their hands on the curtain hanging at the entrance to the store. As a result, if you saw a sushi store with dirty curtains at the entrance, you knew that it was a prosperous store. He went on to talk about some of the mysteries of sushi, and some of the key points in making it yourself at home.


Also today Tezuka made some rice balls at the restaurant onboard! For some of the lucky passengers who tried his riceballs, they said that they were very happy to have the opportunity to eat it onboard, and that they were very tasty! Thank you Chef Tezuka!