[99th Cruise Report]Médecins du Monde’s Path


Charikleia Tziouvara is currently serves on the board of directors of Médecins du Monde Greece. Today, she introduced many of Médecins du Monde’s humanitarian projects, including their program which places medical volunteers around the world to deliver aid. “Currently Médecins du Monde Greece is working on providing assistance to refugees,” says Tziouvara. In addition to providing medical and pharmaceutical care, they also provide aid in the areas of mental health, welfare, and food. “Refugees and immigrants have no choice but to leave their homes. I want people to realize that once they make that choice to leave, they can never come back.” The audience took notes while listening intently to Tziouvara’s powerful words.


“Solving the refugee crisis requires the cooperation and support of many people. The issue we have at hand is a grave one. It is a global problem which is quickly becoming a crisis,” stated Tziouvara, while passionately calling for the need to end war and poverty during her lecture. There was a fundraiser at the end of the event, and many participants stopped by to support the cause. The lecture left us with a powerful message: world issues are not just for someone else to solve, but our collective responsibility to prevent. In order to create a better world we all need to work towards it in our own way, one step at a time.