[99th Cruise Report]Working Past Division Towards a Brighter Future


Today, Eamon Rafter, a member of the Glencree Center for Peace and Reconciliation in Ireland spoke about the causes, historical background, and reconciliation process of The Troubles (the Northern Ireland conflict). The organisation was founded in 1974 as a response to violent conflict in Ireland, in light of a conviction that non-violent solutions must be pursued to encourage reconciliation within and between communities. “Conflict broke out between Catholic and Protestant communities in Northern Ireland over a dispute regarding national identity.” said Rafter. Over time, The Troubles has costed over 3600 lives. The conflict was deemed over in 1998 with the Good Friday Agreement, yet tensions still run deep between the opposing parties. “In order to achieve peace, communication is key. Of course, conversations can’t solve everything, but it’s important for us to challenge ourselves to open a dialog,” Rafter tells us. Rafter will be onboard until Dublin, and will also be hosting workshops onboard. Stay tuned for his next event!