[100th Cruise Report]Call to Port Louis (Mauritius)


The Ocean dream docked in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Mauritius is an island nation floating in the Indian Ocean off of the coast of Africa. Also known as “The Lady of the Indian Ocean”, Mauritius has a magical atmosphere, scenic beaches, and beautiful resorts that everyone yearns to visit. “I am excited for our first port in a while!” says one participant. Everyone departed from the ship with bright and smiling faces.


The center of the city has a modern and fashionable air to it but that changes instantly if you turn the corner onto a side street. It is easy to catch glimpses of people’s everyday life as you walk the market street; the scent of food stalls fills the air, colorful fruits fill the shelves, and people exchange greetings. All five senses are completely engaged during this journey.


Located 45 minutes from Port Louis by car, the local driver takes us to a picturesque beach called Trou aux Biches Beach. The breathtaking crystal clear water and white sand beaches seems as if they were from a painting.


The enjoyable afternoon ends too quickly and the feeling of wanting to endlessly stare at the ocean doesn’t subside as we make our way back to the ship. Today we were only able to enjoy walking around the city center and going to the beach but experiencing the lush nature and diverse culture of Mauritius is sure to make for an even more enriching trip. The Ocean Dream departs from Port Louis and now heads to our next port of call, Reunion Island.