[100th Cruise Report]Call to Réunion (overseas region of France)


The Ocean Dream docked in its fourth port of call, Réunion. The appeal of Réunion’s magnificent natural scenery is highlighted by its beautiful seemingly hand-sculpted mountain range and its vivid blue ocean. The Pitons, cirques and remparts of Réunion Island area is registered as a World Heritage Site and covers more than 100,000 hectares or 40 % of Réunion.


We depart by bus from the port to a small town called Saint Paul. Located next to the lively capital Saint-Denis, Saint Paul has a laid back seaside town feel. The market is filled with stalls of colorful fruit, handmade crafts, and daily necessities.


This French overseas region is quite far from France. Although, they speak French and shop with euros. Wherever you go in the city there are French style churches and other types of European architecture. The charming sound of “merci!” being said in the streets makes you feel at ease.


As the soft rays of the setting sun illuminate the horizon, the Ocean Dream leaves Réunion behind. On this island where time seems to pass more slowly, we experienced the beauty of nature, delicious cuisine, and hospitality of the local people. It was a very fulfilling day. The African continent lies before us and we now head towards the animal paradise of Madagascar.