[100th Cruise Report] The Charm of Travel -Salina Hong (Writer)-


Our guest educator, Salina Hong, joined us from Cape Town. Over the years she has become a popular writer in mainland China and Taiwan, has visited 88 countries and written roughly 60 books. She writes about a wide genre of topics including travel, food, and beauty and collaborates closely with local organizations and tourist boards when conducting research for her books. Today was Ms. Hong’s lecture “The Charm of Travel”. She talked about why she started to travel and her travel experiences accompanied by photos that she took herself.


Ms. Hong’s first time travelling abroad by herself was to Japan. The most memorable part of her experience was visiting a local public bathhouse. She was very surprised by Japanese culture and good manners. This trip sparked her interest in travelling and she started to travel all around the world. Salina is an avid photographer and talented painter, her artistic point of view shows us a new way to enjoy our journey. “When you travel, you come across a lot of ‘differences’. It is important to respect everyone’s individuality. If you look at the world with an open mind, you will have a much more rich experience,” she says. Salina’s lecture taught us about the importance of accepting these ‘differences’ and how to enjoy travelling in a new way.