[100th Cruise Report] Lunar New Year



The lunar calendar was created based on the cycles of the moon. Today everyone will celebrate Lunar New Year’s Eve together, regardless of our nationality or country of birth.


The bright and colorful red decorations, which are representative of Lunar New Year, light up the ambiance on board. In addition, there are many Lunar New Year’s events going on around the ship. Everyone is very excited about the Lunar New Year fashion show which all participants are welcome to join. People wore many different outfits from different countries such as; sari, cheongsam, Singapore’s sarong kebaya, and more. Everyone in the audience cheered on their friends as they strutted the runway.


Tonight’s dinner is a special Lunar New Year’s menu. Brightly colored food and lively conversation fills the table. One of the participants smiled excitedly as they said, “Honestly, I didn’t know much about Lunar New Year but I am very happy because the delicious food and fun events make it feel like a second new year.”


As the clock moves closer to midnight everyone gathers out on deck for the Lunar New Year Countdown event. It is said that Lunar New Year is a time to spend with family and close friends. It truly feels as if we were one big onboard family as everyone comes together in a circle to dance.


We welcomed the New Year as shouts of joy and laughter echoed off into the depths of the ocean. This cruise, we were very lucky to be able to celebrate the new year of the solar calendar as well as the lunar calendar. Because Peace Boat is a unique environment where everyone tries to understand and respect one another’s culture, we were able to enjoy and share this special time together.


As another way to have fun and celebrate the beginning of a new year, we held a Lunar New Year game party. Everyone taught each other the rules of games they are familiar from their hometown, many people participated and enjoyed their time together. One of the games that was really popular was popping balloons only using your feet. People became quite excited shouting things like“Careful behind you!” and “Who’s going to win?!” It was a wonderful event where we were able to welcome the new year while laughing amongst friends.