[101st Cruise Report]Ocean Youth



Currently eight youth from the islands of the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean are on board the ship as ‘Youth Ambassadors for Marine Protection and Climate Change’, as known as the ‘Ocean Youth’. They communicate issues happening on Earth such as marine pollution and climate change, thinking about how to solve it on a global scale, exchanging views, and calling out to the public. In today’s lecture, each youth presented what kind of activity they are engaging in and introduced themselves. ‘Small actions can have big impacts’ ‘Let’s take action against climate change together,’ these messages from the presenter moved many passengers listening since they are the ones which their daily life and homes are threatened by the impact of climate change. Ocean Youth is planning to hold a number of projects onboard up until New York. One of the phrases that was called out during the lecture was “Let’s learn various things together and think about the issue“, and it gave everyone an opportunity to understand and discuss the issues we have on Earth with other passengers.