[101st Cruise Report]Packaging UPA relief supplies



United People’s Alliance (UPA) project is one of the project in which Peace Boat has been working on since the start of the organization. This project aims to deliver relief supplies collected from Japan to transport it to places in need using our cruise ship. Collaborating with local NGOs, schools and counterpartners, we have delivered commodities such as stationaries, sport goods, books, sewing machines, farming goods, music instruments, and bicycles. Today we organized goods that we will be delivering in Cristobal, Panama and our next port Cartagena, Colombia. Not only collecting, but the passengers also being able to participate in organizing the commodities onboard is what is special about the Peace boat voyage. We also care about the long term relationships that we have been creating with the counterpartners and continue to be connected. Passengers enjoyed packing thinking about who these supplies will be sent to.