[101st Cruise Report]Captain Hasama’s Voyage Trivia


Today’s event was hosted by Captain Hasama, a representative of Japan Grace, who introduced the routes which the boat will sail. Currently we are sailing along the Carribbean Sea, and he gave a talk about the routes that we have been through, and where we will be sailing, from Panama canal to the equator to the Pacific Ocean. He also talked about the different currents and its relationships to the climate. Because many of the passengers have been experiencing the changes in the colors of the ocean and the climate in person, people were really interested in his talk, some even taking notes. There was also a niche talk about Rapa nui, such as ‘the location on the boat that you can view the Moai’, and because Rapa nui is one of the ports that we will be visitng later on, it raised our expectations of the remaining voyages.