[102nd Cruise Report]Marseilles (France)


Today the Ocean Dream docked in the south France port of Marseille. With more than 2600 years of history, both Marseille and its port have seen its share of success and decline, yet consistently maintaining its position as the biggest port in France. Over time it has created a truly lively and exotic atmosphere.


Walking out into the city, our first stop was the Fishers Market, near to which are plenty of shops and restaurants lining the street. Light was glinting off the freshly caught fish and seagulls flew overhead as we made our way through the market.


Lunch of course was none other than the famous Marseille bouillabaisse, a stew made from different kinds of fish. Originally bouillabaisse was a fisherman stew, and the perfect thing to warm up sailors coming in from the cold. Finishing up our delicious meal, it was time to continue our ports in Europe, and onwards to Monaco.