[102nd Cruise Report]Civitaveccia (Italy) Port-of-call



Facing towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, Civitavecchia is one of the most important port city, and also been told the outer harbour of Rome. The Ocean Dream will port in Civitavecchia for 2 days. There is a fort just near the port, which was designed by Michelangelo. The medieval architecture and atmosphere has been destroyed during the WW2, but Forte Michelangelo still remains in its position.


The light started to shine through the clouds. Time between 1pm to 4pm is called Siesta, where people take long lunch breaks. Most of the shops are closed and many of them are apparently napping. You don’t really see local people outside during this time.


We must try the Italian Wine! And so we decided to go to a wine shop. The shop we entered of course sold wines, but there was also a space where people can drink the wine they bought. The shop also sells some souvenirs like cheese and prosciutto and they can also eat them at the shop.


The Forte Michelangelo was illuminated at night, and showed a difference side of beauty as we have seen during the day.


Day 2 in Civitavecchia starts from Rome, which is about an hour away by train and has the history of 2500 years.


We visited a colosseum created during the 80AC by the order of Vespasianus, and also the Castle Sant’Angelo, with the graving of angels welcoming us.


We thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days in Italy. We will next head to Piraeus, Greece.