[102nd Cruise Report]Médecins du Monde – Our travel-



On today’s Guest Navigator lecture was by Dr. Charikleia Tziouvara , a pediatrician and neonatal doctor and the director of Médicins du Monde’s Greek Branch. Médicins du Monde was established 29 years go, in order to provide humanitarian medical support to people all around the world regardless of gender, race, sexual preferences, religion or political views. Today we were able to learn about the projects and acitivites of Médicins du Monde’s Greek branch.



The volunteer staff of Médicins du Monde do many diverse activities other than providing medical assistance, they also listen to people stories, play soccer with them, help people that are in a stalemate to regain energy. As many refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Irak come to Greece, the Médicins du Monde Greek Branch is always in need of more people to help. We were introduced to the results of a donation programme and a child development project that are being done in refugee camps. By listening to this lecture, I was able to know how the place you are born can change your lifestyle. I felt a lot of respect for the activities they do, and I also started to think if there is anything I can do.