[103rd Cruise Report]Call to Brisbane (Australia)


We have arrived at Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and Australia’s third largest city! First we start a walk from the City Hall.

The information centre is our first stop. The interior is so gorgeous that it loooks like a theatre! Here, we gathered various information in order to decide our plan for today.

After walking past the Treasury Casino, with its classical atmosphere..

We arrived at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! This is the world’s largest and oldest park for koalas, having opened in 1927. It also boasts the highest number of koalas anywhere in Australia.

At first sight it looks like just a beautiful green nature park,

but we could meet a cute koala parent and child here!

Here, you can also see emus, another representative animanl of Australia. And so close! This would never be possible in Japan!!

You can also encounter kangaroos up very close! We were so excited to see kangaroos licking their paws, or taking up boxing poses. It’s also possible to see crocodiles, and even iguanas like this one.

This iguana can wander around the park freely. Is it wild? This probably isn’t such a rare sight or animal here in Australia.

After enjoying the koala sanctuary, we head back into the city. Passing through a green corridor, we reach Southbank.

Let’s take a photo by the scenery and monument often featured in travel guides and postcards!

And have a swim in this municipal pool. How great to have a public pool open to everyone, of this high quality! Is it Australian style to create such an artificial beach within the city? It would be great to live near here.

The Brisbane River flows through the centre of the city. For that reason, boats are often used as a method of transport by local residents.

So, let’s take this chance to take a boat on the way back. As we pass under bridges, we can enjoy the cool breeze and the setting sun, while going up and down on the waves. What a great feeling!

Our home the Ocean Dream has now come into site. It feels like coming home once its red chimney comes into view. Next stop, is the islands of the Pacific Ocean! We are looking forward to what kind of travel tales will be awaiting us there.