[103rd Cruise Report]Onboard Sports Festival 2 -Rainbow Summer-


A sudden rain fall came and the event had to move to a different venue, which was a relief for many of the participants as it was cooler than outside. The afternoon exhibition was Soran-Bushi, a Japanese traditional fishermen dance.

Then the team leaders’ match of water-carrying took place. Carrying water in a small cup and pouring into a bottle – very simple yet tricky.

Both teams demonstrated great teamwork. It was difficult to tell which was winning.

Next game was ball-tossing.

Everyone tossed balls into the basket on the stage. So many balls were flying on to those who were holding the baskets!

Both teams scored so closely on each game.

The very last game was tug-of-war. Both teams were very heated up for the battle.

“One two, one two!” “lower the weight!” Brilliant teamwork.

Which team won?

The blue team won the grand victory!

The yellow team of course played very well.

To conclude a day of pleasant competitions, a big group photo was taken for another onboard memory.