[103rd Cruise Report]The Final Performance 103 -You Are the Star-


Only four days left until the end of the voyage, we had a wrap-up presentation event of self-organized events. On the exhibition floor, there were calligraphy,

various paintings and drawing,

and many pieces of handicrafts.

Participants cherished the art pieces made by fellow participants.

There were even demonstrations of crafting process.

In the large hall, More than 400 people in 30 groups performed their art on the stage. The stage began with elegant hula dance,

unique drumming,

traditional Japanese classic dance,

and more. Large Japanese harp was something most passengers saw for the first time.

Shakuhachi (traditional Japanese wooden flute) and Ocarina were also performed.

From 24-style Tai-qi to socail dance.

“Team Mongol”also performed.

One passenger decided to read out excerpts of diary that he wrote during the voyage. Audiences couldn’t stop laughing for unexpectedly funny stories.

A popular group of chorus team sang on the stage.

Another popular group of ukulele players closed the event. Impressively, those who organized the events and those who participated in their events, all together created such diverse and quality performances. It was symbolically a result of their fruitful life onboard.