Enjoying gourmet food and wine in the south of France – in a sparkling Mediterranean port city – Part 1


As soon as you disembark from the ship, the scent of the tide surrounds you, and the faint dust of sand and the echoing whistle reminds you that this is a large port town. Overhead, seabirds chirp as if welcoming you to the city. Marseilles, France’s oldest and largest port city, was the birthplace of the 19th century writer Alexandre Dumas, who called the town “the meeting place of the whole world”. Since the opening of the port over 2000 years ago, it has welcomed ships and immigrants from all nations, and has grown into a cosmopolitan and multicultural city. As the center of Provence in southern France, facing the Mediterranean Sea, the city is rich in gourmet food and ingredients. The fish and southern French wine are a must try! Let’s head out into Marseilles to discover the true face of the city, a simple and unpretentious place different once again from the glittering cities of Europe.


Savor the bounty of the Mediterranean Sea and the Earth

Marseille is the capital of the Provence region (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) and known as a treasure trove of foodstuffs. The basis for this is the fresh fish caught in the Mediterranean Sea. In the old port, a tourist attraction, you can find mackerel and tuna familiar to Japanese cuisine, as well as lobsters and mussels. The scene of the local fishermen’s energetic shouting is an exciting sight to behold. The fish and shellfish are cooked simply, with just olive oil, garlic and herbs in the southern French style. With vegetables grown in the sunshine of southern France used in abundance, the heart is filled beauty and color.

The port is the gateway to the city. Marseilles has long been a thriving hub for maritime trade.

The fishermen leave their boats every morning and the fish market is filled with freshly caught seafood.

The market is a typical feature of the city, where the cheerful and lively Marseilles locals welcome visitors.


The finest rosé wines, nurtured over 2,600 years of history.

Wine is an essential part of delicious southern French cuisine. Although Bordeaux and Burgundy are famous for their wines, the history of viticulture from Provence is actually the oldest. It is said that the Phocaeans of ancient Greece brought grapes to Marseilles about 2,600 years ago. Terraced vineyards surrounded by hills, the oceanic and seasonal winds, and dry soil with high levels of calcareous matter, provide the perfect environment for growing grapes. The strong sea breeze we feel upon arriving is actually actually the source of the delicious wine…! Rosé wines account for 90% of the production here, are fruity, fresh and crisp. It is the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of food, and its colour, which shines in the glass, is also a beautiful contrast to the Mediterranean Sea.

Light and fruity, rosé is becoming increasingly popular around the world because of its gorgeous appearance.

t’s best to taste the famous local wines at a local wine bar. The atmosphere and local language will make a wonderful memory for your trip.