Singing Along with El Sistema


We organised an even onboard in which Peace Boat participants had the opportunity to sing along with El Sistema,

a dynamic group of young musicians from Venezuela in a live performance for their friends and family onboard.








Despite the initial challenge of learning the Spanish lyrics, the budding singers gave it their all and enjoyed not

only the music, abut also their interactions with their new friends from Venezuela.


In their next onboard event, El Sistema is going to perform some Japanese songs, accompanied by our singing


This concert which will blend voices and melodies from Japan and Venezuela and enrich everyone’s perspectives

through cultural exchange.


Now that’s a quintessentially Peace Boat experience!




*About El Sistema

El Sistema, whose official name is the Simon Bolivar Music Foundation, is a national system of orchestras and

choirs for young people. Founded in 1975 by Maestro José Antonio Abreu with the objective of systematizing

music education and promoting unity through symphonic orchestras and choirs in Venezuela. El Sistema consists

of a national network of learning centers called Núcleos. Members of the program develop their creativity and

talent by working with teachers who offer lessons regardless of race or social class. This gives young

Venezuelans the opportunity to grow up in a healthy manner. In 2012, El Sistema had more than 400,000 young

people en 296 núcleos around the country.

For more information about El Sistema, please visit their page:
Simon Bolivar Music Foundation “El Sistema”


Since 2007, Peace Boat has been working with the Venezuelan youth orchestra system known as “El Sistema,” inviting young musicians onboard its ship and bringing musical instruments to Venezuela through Peace Boat’s UPA project. So far, more than 50 young musicians have traveled with us, and we have delivered more than 300 musical instruments to the El Sistema program. During our visits to Venezuela, Peace Boat participants join cultural exchange programs with the young people of the orchestra, and learn about the achievements of this national music system and the social role that music plays for the youth of Venezuela. In light of the universality of music, and with the agreement of the El Sistema founder Maestro Abreu, the El Sistema Global Campaign was formed in 2012 to promote this music education program and its social reach in the countries visited by Peace Boat.